The popularity of the Nigerian Pop music industry is on a growing increase and with an equally astoundingly productive Nollywood by the side, Nigeria has written her name as the number one spot for entertainment in Africa.

Over the years, 2face, Dbanj, P Square and now Wizkid have made back to back hit albums and they do not look like they taking their feet off the pedal anytime soon. And it’s awesome that while these musicians started with such promising careers ahead, they are now where they are today because of how the society as the music industry has thrived on sexualizing women in their lyrics and videos. Now here is how it works; every average Nigerian music video has a girl butt-flipping and twerking in scantily clad outfits and almost heavily glorified make up.

Nigerian music videos make ladies seem like sex objects. They focus on their bodies, not their intelligence or their minds. It is crazy how many musicians have lacked the creativity of just doing a randomly awesome narrative of what the song is about. So, they literally sell sex. But what’s worse? The audience LOVE it. They buy sex because that’s what they want. Lyrics go like “I go knack you”, “I get big cassava”, “I will make you forget your sorrows this night”. All glorifying and objectifying the female figure in it. We have stooped to that being what we call “hit”.


It is very fair to say that Nigerian pop music has over the years reduced women to objects of sexual pleasure and side entertainment. From Terry G’s “Akpako” where he constantly objectified women as objects he wants to “nack” to Mr Eazi’s “Sample you” which reduced women to perishable goods that could be “sampled” or experimented.  The distance between both songs is 5 years and it gets worse. Nigerian male artists have reduced women to objects of pleasure and gold diggers who should be with them because they’re “rich”. 2baba’s “Enter the place ” where he described women’s privates as the place. The list is endless.

Last year Eldee Da Don tweeted that daughters should be raised with Hillary Clinton as their role model and not Kim Kardashian. He received a lot of backlash from Nigerian social media who reminded him of his old music videos and how half naked women were being displayed in them. It is literally hard to find a Nigerian male artist that has not portrayed women as sexual objects. Sometimes there is a wonder if these artists have sisters or mothers at home with the way they describe women and their sexual organs.

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Some Nigerian female artists are accomplices to this degradation of women folk, Cynthia Morgan’s “German Juice” tops the list of the most disgraceful and classless song to the womenfolk. Cynthia Morgan and several other Nigerian male artists should apologize to womenfolk and to Nigerians for their lyrical sins.

In the next 15 years, Eldee Da Don’s daughter will be able to understand the lyrics of her father’s old songs. How will he be able to explain to her that he’d been degrading womenfolk for entertainment? 2baba has actually become more mature in his lyrics since his marriage but that will not rewrite history. What legacy will he leave for his children with his music lyrics?  His daughters will one day question the intent of his old lyrics and he will still be guilty of degrading women then.

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What legacy are Nigerian artistes leaving for the younger generation with their lyrics? Social consciousness or sexual consciousness? Do we want our children to keep degrading women in the name of entertainment?

Even Western Hip Hop has evolved from DMX’s “What these bitches want?” to Drake’s “Hotline bling” to appease the several wrongs that have been done to women with music lyrics. The Nigerian Music Industry must stop degrading womenfolk in the name of entertainment.

The Nutshell insists that Nigerians especially women should learn to speak out against lyrics that degrade them to sexual objects instead of dancing along with the tune. Women are worth more than sexual objects and should be treated with respect.

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