Lies! 5 Myths About Casual S*x

But here’s why casual s*x can be awesome.“Casual s*x” has become a bit of a dirty phrase in our culture. Rather than just call it what it is, people use euphemisms like “hooking up” or, even worse, “hanging out.” Somehow, sleeping with people you aren’t necessarily committed to gets a bad rap, as do those who indulge in it. But give us a moment to debunk the myths surrounding casual s*x, and you might just see it as a far cooler option than you did before.

Bonus: if you’re already on board, you’ll have some facts for any girl who presumes to judge—while secretly wanting

to sleep with—you.Myth #1: Casual s*x Spreads DiseaseCasual s*x doesn’t spread disease. Unprotected s*x spreads disease. While there’s always a risk to s*x, protected casual s*x is undoubtedly a smarter option than unprotected committed s*x. Truth is, until you get to really know a girl, you should wear a condom, whether you happen to be calling her your girlfriend or not.–In the 21st Century, enlightened human beings realize that women have s*xual needs too. A woman who is open about her love of s*x, and empowered by it, deserves respect, not a reputation.–

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Myth #2: Casual s*x Demeans WomenSays who? Probably people who still think there’s something wrong with women enjoying s*x with multiple guys. That attitude went out with Elvis, or should have. In the 21st Century, enlightened human beings realize that women have s*xual needs too. A woman who is open about her love of s*x, and empowered by it, deserves respect, not a reputation.

Myth #3: s*x Between Committed People Is BetterSometimes. Maybe. But not always. For those not paying attention to popular culture, there’s an entire cottage industry of comedy built around the idea that married people have terrible s*x, when they have s*x at all. And this myth draws largely from the next myth…

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Myth #4: Casual s*x Is EmotionlessHardly. “Casual s*x” and “having s*x with a string of partners whose names you don’t even know” are not the same thing. You can have casual s*x with one of your best friends, or someone you really enjoy spending time with. The point is that you aren’t committed to or exclusive with one another. You are free to pursue other people without having to explain or excuse yourself (or lie about it to spare feelings). The s*x can still have a lot of emotion to it, as can your relationship (small “r”) with the person. Further, this myth assumes that committed people are having emotion-filled s*x. Which is not always the case. (See Myth #3.)
“Baby, I am totally committed… to sleeping with you right now.

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”Myth #5: Casual s*x Is “Wrong”Casual s*x can be “wrong,” especially in cases where it’s self-centered, abusive, compulsive or fueled by substance abuse. But if it’s healthy, consensual and mutually beneficial, what, exactly, is wrong with it? With a willing and able partner, it can be fun, exciting and oh so right…

source: Mademen

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Lies! 5 Myths About Casual S*x

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