Christian marriage of one man, one wife serious threat to procreation, Christianity – Ali Baba

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has decried the gradual end of Christianity in Nigeria, saying christian marriage of one man, one wife was a serious threat to procreation.

The God-father of Stand-up comedy said Nigeria’s economy has affected the birth rate in most christian homes.

According to him, Christianity would have been extinct if not for single mothers as most christian homes in Nigeria have just a kid or maximum of three kids while Muslim homes have more than one wife, therefore producing so many children.

The comedian wrote on his instagram page @alibabagcfr: “Let me use this opportunity to celebrate family. Not as a unit as the Nuclear family advocate make us believe. But a robust one. Even though a lot of economic realities now make us think twice before having more than 2 kids.

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“There is danger in our society that is not being attended to. It’s the gradual and calculated extinction of Christians. It may not have occurred to you but it has to me, severally.

“So the Christian home now has one man one wife. And if owing to unforeseen circumstances, the wife in that Christian home has no child, that is it.

“Then you add the number of people becoming Nuns and Reverend Fathers… That also means, that is it. Then throw into that equation, the consequences of corporate sojourn amongst male and female 9-5 Who are in pursuit of careers. They suddenly realize by age 40+ that they should start a family. And by then, for a few, options are few.

“Then you can add societal stigmatization that make people treat single mothers like they committed a grave sin. So, they are tempted to abort & many do. Then because of mistakes, in D&C process, the procreation center, the womb, is tampered with. There are also those, who decided they don’t want kids at all. Some go to the extent of vasectomy and hysterectomy. And that is that.

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“You also have those who say unless they marry a particular person, it’s a no children life for them. Hard choice you might say. Now add outright infertility. Male and female. In our African society, some people can lock down a woman’s womb just because… Now the most dangerous part of the plan as orchestrated is s*xual preferences.

“MALE AND MALE, FEMALE AND FEMALE, don’t procreate. That’s that. But on the flip side, a man can marry 4 wives, divorce all 4, marry replacements and continue the process of multiplying the earth. 1 man can blow himself up & take out thousands. Where does that leave us as Christians?

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“Let me tell you something interesting, if not for single mums & the children that are being won over from other faith, Christianity would have been hit.

“This post is not to promote fornication & adultery, instead it’s just to bring to your notice what’s been on my mind.”

Source: Dailypost

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Christian marriage of one man, one wife serious threat to procreation, Christianity – Ali Baba

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